When To Start A Home Maintenance Log

Dated: 12/16/2019

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So I debated whether to write about starting a Home Maintenance Log thinking people might be too overwhelmed with the holiday season that is smack dab on top of us and Christmas itself approaching faster than any of us want to admit. Well, none of that is going to change and neither is the need to HAVE a Home Maintenance Log. Perhaps the answer to the title questions is NOW (or as soon as you can scoot to the local office supply store to obtain a binder or expandable file, a set of dividers, and a few sheet protectors - or if you're like me, as soon as you can scoot to the garage and find that box of supplies left from all those years of homeschooling two boys)!

The next question begging an answer is "Why do I need a Home Maintenance Log?" Having all the information about your home in one easy to find location cuts down on the stress level when you need the refrigerator manual to figure out why the ice stopped coming out of the door two hours before the party of the decade or you have a friend ask for the number to that guy who landscaped the water feature in your backyard back in 2013.

What to include in your HML:

Manuals and Warranties - slide these in to sheet protectors or punch holes and add to the binder

Maintenance Receipts and Contact Information -  how much and who at your fingertips

Homeowner Maintenance Records - keep a running log of when you changed the batteries in the smoke alarms and the filter in the HVAC, when the gutters were last cleaned, and when the deck was refurbished

Home Improvements - include both interior and exterior updates; remember to record color formulas for paints and shingle codes for roof replacement

Maps, Resources, and Neighborhood Information - where on the property is the well and septic located, where are shut-offs for main systems, where are the sprinkler heads, who is the contact for the Homeowners' Association and when did I pay them last (the answer to this might be easy if you aren't given the code to the community swimming pool unless your dues are current; those of us who are swimming pool-less need another reminder).

Your HML will be a valuable resource when it comes time to sell your home. The MLS entry could say "well-cared for home with maintenance logs available to prospective buyers." Confidence booster!

Do you have a HML? Do you know someone who purchased a home in 2019? What better gift to give yourself or them to start off 2020 organized and ready. I'm off to the attic to finally get down the Christmas tree and will stop by that supply box in the garage for an old homeschool binder. I'm pretty sure all those appliance and systems manuals are in that drawer in the kitchen across from the junk drawer. Or are they in the red bureau drawer by the pool table? Wherever they are, the time to get them all in one place is NOW! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let me know how your HML turns out!

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When To Start A Home Maintenance Log

So I debated whether to write about starting a Home Maintenance Log thinking people might be too overwhelmed with the holiday season that is smack dab on top of us and Christmas itself approaching

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